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Wizard Gumball Neon Wizard Yellow Gumball Machine NEW VE2689

Brand NEW Wizard Gumball Yellow Neon Wizard 4 Foot 10 Inch Spiral Gumball Machine. This machine attracts kids and adults like bugs to a light. Background is Color of Machine. Flat Rate Shipping on All Wizard Gumball Machines.

Price $975.00
Wizard Gumball Neon Wizard Yellow Gumball Machine NEW

Wiz Kid & Gumball Wizard
The patented Wizard brand has been recognized as the industry leader since its beginning in the early 1990's. While the design hasn't changed much, countless improvements have been made along the way. Of course, the jam proof fall through coin mechanisms have always been on board so if someone puts in the wrong coin, the coin is swallowed and the machine continues to operate normally.

We made the Shatter-Proof Polycarbonate Globe standard, so if (by some freak of nature) your machine is tipped over...just pick it up and it will continue making you money.

Seven Pin Barrel Locks and Recessed Coin Doors round out security measures but if you plan on putting your machine in high risk areas give us a call so we can share with you some second level security products you may want to consider. The coin mechanism has a Lifetime Warranty and the machine has a 3 Year Warranty. If you are looking for a machine designed to work well and look great for many, many years you have found them.

4'10'' Neon Wizard
Description:  The NEON WIZARD is the Rolls Royce of the Spiral industry. There is no finer machine!!! It has an INTERACTIVE computer board that operates the 3 NEON TUBES in a variety of modes. This machine attracts kids and adults like bugs to a light. Trust me when I tell you that if you have a high quality location, you will want the best machine. THIS IS THE MACHINE FOR YOU!!

Height: 58"
Weight: 90.00 lbs
Globe Size: 18" Polycarbonate
Capacity: 3300 Gumballs
Base Diameter: 21"
Neon lights require wall outlet.

-Corvette Quality Fiberglass
- Lifetime Warranty on Beaver Coin Mechanism
- Shatterproof Polycarbonate Globe
- 6 Pin Barrel Locks
- 2 Year Warranty

Don't forget the Gumballs, Bouncy Balls, or Round Capsules

US Shipping: $100 Machine Shipped Fully Assembled

Sales tax applied if you are in: NY, NJ, PA, CT, VT, ME, MA