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Abloy CL291E Series Vending Machine Cylinder Lock NEW VE398

Brand New Abloy CL291E Series Pull Dog Cylinder Vending Machine Locks with Two Keys. Dead Latch. Flat Rate Shipping on all Abloy Locks.

Price $59.51
Abloy CL291E Series Vending Machine Cylinder Lock NEW
  • Maximum Resistance To Pulling
    • with a heavy duty, precision steel latch, the CL290E provides over 4000lbs of pull strength.  Ordinary die cast latches don't even come close to the strength of THE PULL DOG
  • Machined Steel Housing
    • protects the operating parts of the lock, with strength unmatched by brass or die cast products
  • Extra Thick, Case Hardened Steel Face
    • stands up to extensive drilling attack.  The inside of the lock is protected by over 1/4 inch of case hardened steel
  • Drill Resistant, Hardened Steel Keyway
    • provides extra protection to the face of the lock. No other lock provides this many drill resistant features
  • Heavy Duty Maximum Security Keys
    • are constructed of strong nickle-silver for lasting durability.  The bi-directional key shaft is one of the strongest available and is highly resistant to breaking.
  • Patent Protected Key Control
    • ensures that your keys will not be copied without your authorization.  The Abloy Exec key is patented, and duplicate keys are available only through Abloy Factory Authorized Service Centers
  • The New Abloy Exec Disc Cylinder
    • provides all the high security benefits of the original Abloy design, along with a user friendly operation.  With millions of combinations per keyway, Abloy Exec provides the extensive keying capabilities needed to ensure total key security
  • Fits all NAMA Specified T-Handles
    • CL290E-Standard Spring Latch
    • CL291E-Optional Dead Latch

-Shipping & Handling: $6.95

-Lock Purchases are Final. There are NO RETURNS or REIMBURSEMENTS

-Sales tax must be applied if you are in: CT, NY, MA, NJ, PA, ME, VT