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Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector NEW VE711

Brand New Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector. Flat Rate Shipping on all Counterfeit Detectors.

Price $284.00
Cassida 3300 Automatic Counterfeit Detector NEW

Why use a counterfeit detector?
Currency counters with detection capability check only for UV and MG security marks which have been counterfeit.  The Cassida 3300 not only verifies traditional magnetic marks but additionally checks for infrared security marks. These marks are the most advanced security feature of US bills and have not knowingly been counterfeit.   The Cassida 3300 is built with the most reliable detection technology available in the industry, offering the best protection when screening larger bills before accepting them from customer.

The Cassida 3300 is a fully automatic detector that does not require any bill authentication knowledge by an operator. Bills are fed automatically and scanned.  The infrared and optical images are compared with authenticated bill patterns held in memory; instantly alerting you to counterfeit bills.  All this in less than a second.  The LCD screen displays denomination total and grand total.  It functions like a low speed discriminator with an unmatched degree of counterfeit detection.

Multi currency capabilities
Using an advanced microprocessor and detailed software, the Cassida 3300 detector will verify other international currencies. Upon request, up to 5 additional currencies could be added onto a single device.

Technical specifications:

  • Verification types: Infrared security marks
  • Magnetic ink
  • Color spectrum analysis
  • Verification speed: 60 bills/min
  • Features: Totals by denomination
  • Grand total
  • Display type: High resolution LCD
  • Weight: 1 lbs
  • Dimensions: 5.4'' x 5'' x 2.8''

-All Cassida products have 1 year parts & labor warranty 

-Shipping is Flat Rate UPS $16.95

-If wrong item is purchased customer is responsible for 40% restocking fee & shipping charges for returning item & new item being shipped

-Sales Tax Must Be Applied if you are in: CT, NY, NJ, PA, MA, ME, VT