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Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counter NEW VE713

Brand New Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counters. Flat Rate Shipping on all Currency Counters.

Price $261.00
Cassida 5520 UV Currency Counter NEW

Cassida counting equipment uses the latest technological advancements available in the industry. All Cassida machines utilize Infra-Red technology which maximizes currency counting accuracy as well as half and double note detection

Time saving
All Cassida counters are equipped with an auto-start feature which significantly reduces time in cash processing operations. Machines start batching, counting, or adding automatically the moment bills are placed in the hopper.

An increasing trend in counterfeit money has forced many businesses to search for a way to combat fraud.  All Cassida machines feature a built-in UV ultraviolet fluorescence detection system to alert you of suspect bills. Operating environments vary greatly, and so do individual needs. Should your business require more protection, models featuring both magnetic and ultraviolet detection are available to protect your bottom line.

Technical specifications:

  • Model range: Cassida 5520 UV
  • Cassida 5520 UV 
  • Counting speed: 1300 bills/min
  • Hopper capacity: 200 new bills
  • Stacker capacity: 200 new bills
  • Error detection: Double, half and chain note detection
  • Auto-start feature: Included
  • Operating modes: count, add, batch
  • Error alert: Audio and visual alert system
  • Easy maintenance: Snap-open front cover
  • Includes Remote display

Cassida 5520 series Functions

  • auto start Yes
  • counting mode Yes
  • batching mode Yes
  • adding mode Yes
  • add+batch mode no


  • carrying handle Yes
  • counting speed 1300 bills/minute
  • batching range 0-100, increments of 5
  • adding range up to 999 bills
  • hopper capacity 200 new bills
  • stacker capacity 200 new bills
  • remote customer display Yes


  • Intelligent software Yes
  • visual signal system CF/HLF/DBL/CHN/Batch non-complete: yes/yes/yes/yes/yes
  • audio signal system CF/HLF/DBL/CHN/Batch noncomplete/Count complete/Batch complete: yes/yes/yes/yes/yes/yes/yes
  • different sound signals for confirming and alerting: Yes
  • self diagnostic system: Yes


  • Half note detection Yes
  • Chain feed detection Yes
  • Double note detection Yes
  • IR detection technology Yes
  • UV ultraviolet detection Yes
  • MG magnetic detection: No
  • Size detection No


  • self lubricating bearings Yes
  • snap open front cover Yes
  • included spare fuse Yes
  • included spare parts kit Yes
  • included maintenance kit Yes
  • parts warranty 1 year
  • labor warranty 1 year

Technical specifications

  • power source 100-120 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption < 80 Watts
  • dimensions (inches)  11" x 9.8" x 5.9"
  • dimensions (mm) 280 x 250 x 173 mm
  • weight 11 lbs (5 kg)
  • display type 3/3 digit LED dual display

-Shipping is Flat Rate UPS $16.95

-If wrong item is purchased customer is responsible for 40% restocking fee & shipping charges for returning item & new item being shipped

-Sales Tax Must Be Applied if you are in: CT, NY, NJ, PA, MA, ME, VT